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Pour Femme Pulse Point Oil

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This blend has been created to help women at certain times of their life. Many women experience symptoms such as hot flushes or fatigue. These symptoms can disrupt day to day activities and although these can be uncomfortable essential oils may help relieve some of the symptoms.  Blended with :

Lavender - helps hormone balance and helps relax the mind and body

Clary sage - can help with hot flushes and can ease tension helping to control cortisol levels

Lemon - uplifting and soothing, restorative effect

Peppermint - can reduce discomfort when experiencing hot flushes

Shake well and apply generously to your diffuser bracelet, wrists or back of the neck as desired. As this product range is made of pure essential oil blends, for those with sensitive skin we recommend to dilute with a L.A. Skincare base oil.

Size : 15 ml

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