Holistic Harmonies - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Holistic Harmonies is a range of beautiful essential oil diffuser bracelets containing a combination of specially selected semi precious healing stones and volcanic lava healing stones, which are ideal for diffusing your essential oils by applying 2 -3 drops and allowing the stones to do the diffusing for you.

Even on the days when your essential oils don't need to be applied the bracelets have the added benefit of being lovely to wear.

The bracelets are elasticated and are approx 18.5 cm (20 cm mens') in circumference. Alternative sizes can be made to order.

Essential Oil 

For essential oils we recommend L.A. Skincare Pulse Point Oil from their range of unique hand blended essential oils

Please head over to see our range of Essential Oils. All 15 ml bottles are priced at £10.

Gift Pack

Choose this bracelet and any L.A. Skincare Pulse Point Oil and we will automatically send your purchase gift boxed at no extra charge.