Pixi Eco Wellbeing

After watching a documentary on the devastation of the rain forests and the Orangutans natural habitat, we decided it was time to do our bit.  We didn't want to be part of the culture that encourages the use of unsustainable palm oil and the cruelty to these beautiful creatures.  But finding products on the shelves that didn't have these in was really difficult. So we started researching.  Included in our 'must haves' was finding products that were cruelty free and vegan friendly, along with the elimination of non-recylable and non-biodigradable packaging.

We don't suggest that you go through your cupboards and throw everything away that doesn't meet these values, whats done is done, but if we make you just think about what you purchase in the future, and make different choices, then that would be so worthwhile.

We thoroughly research our suppliers, so our customers can be sure that these values are met.